Avra – cuddly and alert

  • female
  • black
  • born 19.01.2022
  • greek Harehound mix
  • vaccinated and internationally valid passport
  • not yet sterilized
  • healthy
  • about 20 kilos

Avra is a born family dog!
She remains calm in stressful situations and loves contact with children. Avra is also very brave and would love to be part of any adventure.
She is very relaxed on walks and will sit calmly if she has to wait. Next to an older experienced dog, she is already a dream dog who also has no problem at all with driving.

Avra is extremely docile, always sits well when food comes and has learned very quickly not to pull on the lead; for her taste she could be taught a lot more, she loves it!

She is currently reserved in the small dog pack, doesn’t like confrontation and is not a dominant type. She often stays in the background, but she is not a loner, because she likes to play with the others.

Firmly anchored in her is her enthusiasm for tenderness and cuddling. This was already her greatest hobby as a puppy, and will probably always remain so.

Whoever gives her a home will have a super dog with whom one can experience many adventures, stress-free and with a lot of joy!