Babis – reserved and lovable

  • male, black and brown
  • born 2017
  • Greek Harehound
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • neutered
  • tested positive for leishmaniasis, but successfully treated and under constant veterinary control, normal life expectancy
  • about 18 kilos
  • Babis was tremendously shy and needed a very long time to trust. In the meantime he loves to snuggle with people he is familiar with, but he also loves to do things at his own pace.

Babis is goddog of Gaby Klausz and Les Neale

Actually we had “given up” on Babis a long time ago. He is a bit older, a bit grouchy, he has leishmaniasis and he didn’t like us. To place such a dog is almost impossible.
Babis has lived as a street dog for a long time and was probably never treated well by people. He was brought to us, ate our food and barked at us.
Also, as the only dog in MIAO’s history, he managed to break out of the enclosure every day. However, he did not manage to get back in.
So Babis was waiting for us every morning in front of the enclosure, barked at us a little bit, ate his food and then, in the sleeping room, lay down to rest.
For weeks, nothing changed in his behavior until one morning, completely unexpectedly, we found him inside the enclosure. Otherwise he was like always: barking, eating, sleeping.
But in mini steps, almost imperceptibly, he started to show us that he might be willing to like us a little bit after all. First he stopped barking at us, which was a great relief for everyone involved. Weeks later he allowed us to touch him, but only in the sleeping area, in the open area he still had to flee. Babis, by the way, is and has never been aggressive once. Neither towards a human nor towards another dog.
His weapons are: Barking, fleeing and staring!
He is really easy to have, stays out of pack fights as well as wild games.
When he has taken another dog to his heart, he willingly shares his favourite lounging spots. If, from time to time, the other dogs annoy him, he moves into the sleeping room.
Babis seems, on the surface, not very emotional, but those who know him can correctly interpret his small gestures of affection and take incredible pleasure in them. He cuddles with extreme joy and loves to be brushed. With his eyes closed he is then completely at ease.
Whoever has gained Babi’s trust has found a friend for life, he is one of THOSE dogs you will never forget.
In the meantime Babis has been with us for 4 years. He is still not the emotional guy, but somehow he has enticed us so we all love him wholeheartedly.
Babis is mediated exclusively after previous acquaintance.
Even if you don’t have the possibility to adopt Babis, you could help us and therefore Babis with a donation or his sponsorship. Every amount, no matter how small, helps us and him enormously!

New: Babis has found a godmother. Gaby Klausz has taken over the sponsorship for Babis from September 2021 until August 2022. Many thanks Gaby.