Bongo – a new beginning for Bongo!

  • male
  • brown white
  • born November 2020
  • Retriever mix
  • vaccinated and internationally valid passport
  • sterilized
  • healthy, no diseases
  • about 24 kilos

When Bongo was found abandoned in April 2022, he could hardly walk.
It is likely that both hind legs had been broken by blows or an accident and had grown together incorrectly many weeks or months ago. Thanks to the loving care of his foster mum, he soon got much better, but he could only walk with difficulty and, of course, only in pain.
The left hind leg, which was the worst affected, had to be operated on. This happened at the end of May 2022; the operation lasted three and a half hours and was very complicated. But it was successful!
Bongo spent the first few weeks with a trained physiotherapist and was then able to move to a foster home that had no steps.

This way, his leg was spared for another two months and was able to heal perfectly.

In the meantime, he can go for further walks without any problems, he likes to jump and bounce and obviously enjoys his new-found mobility and the love that his foster mother shows him.

Bongo has learnt a lot over these weeks; he is still a very young dog who has since been sterilised, vaccinated and chipped by us. His training on the leash is not his most fun, as he has a lot of temperament and loves to show his zest for life and his love for his human!

He is also an avid swimmer, which of course has been helpful in his healing and will continue to do him good.

Otherwise, Bongo is healthy all around – tested negative for all Mediterranean diseases – and is just waiting for his human who wants to share life with him.