Boy – playful and careful

  • male, black and white
  • born January 2022
  • mixed breed
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • neutered
  • tested negative for all diseases, his left front leg is deformed from birth and will need surgery when he is fully grown.
  • about 25 kilos

Boy is young and energetic, he likes to be active and loves his walks. He is learning to walk well on the lead and has excellent recall off lead. He loves other dogs and people. He is doing well at ignoring cats on our walks but the desire to chase is evident. I think with a confident dog savvy cat in the home he would be fine.

He loves a cuddle up and is a joy to be around. A really lovely happy dog. His deformed leg does not stop him from doing anything he wants to and he is very adventurous. He seems to have adapted perfectly to his slightly shorter front leg!!

As long as he is in the room with me he is calm at night & stays quietly in his bed.

He is obsessed with food so I have to be careful when we are out as he is a right scavenger!! He doesn’t beg at home and will wait and sit nicely for a titbit.

He will let me groom him, clean his ears, check his teeth, feet etc. He is happy to have his human care for all his needs. 😂😂😂

He is definitely ready for a family of his own. He is still quite boisterous so maybe not small children although he is not afraid or aggressive around kids, just bouncy!!!

Happy in the car, travels well. Loves a trip to the beach, loves a paddle. Loves life. ❤️

Boy is goddog of Les Neale