Bruno – loving and mischievous

  • male, brindled
  • born April 2022
  • breed Staffordshire/Boxer mix
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • neutered
  • healthy
  • about 15 kilos

Bruno is a very social and engaging young boy. He interacts with both male & female dogs without any aggression. He is playful, mischievous and very loving. Not interested in cats at all but when encountered shows affection towards them along with playfulness.
Bruno is like many young dogs – he plays till he drops and then sleeps until his batteries are re-charged.
Bruno is a people pleaser and loves to meet new people reacting with enthusiasm at each new adventure.
He is a very bright boy and learns very quickly. Loves his food and bedtime in his crate where he sleeps contentedly each night. Bruno would be best suited for an active family or in the company of another family dog as he needs stimulation to stop him from getting bored.
All in all Bruno is a joy to be with and as a bonus is incredibly handsome.