Dia – reliable and ready to learn

  • female, grey-white
  • born March 2020
  • Greek Shepherd Dog Mix
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • neutered
  • had bilateral hip dysplasia as a puppy which has treated well and hardly impedes any more; however, she should never run long distances next to a bike or play a jumping sport
  • 30 Kilo
  • very loyal and faithful character, eager to learn and not skittish, loves water and swimming, likes to have her life in order and routine, but is also curious about new experiences

Dia is goddog of Uta Strack and Marisa and Peter Beis

Report from our volunteer R. on Dia

Besides Spottie I spent a lot of time with Dia in the compound of MIAO and got to know her better. This tall and very confident dog is great!

While in the beginning I thought she was more reserved than some other dogs, she taught me better.
After offering her cuddles over and over again, she has confided in me a little more and more.

When she is not rolling on the cool Greek earth and rattling around, or when she takes over the task to protect the compound from all unknown noises by barking (in her there is also the guard dog), she likes to be invited by you for cuddling or brushing.

I am also fascinated by Dia’s sensitivity – she is quite happy to hand over the task of protecting to humans.
So I discovered a communication with her, that I make clear to her with a “thank you”, that I have heard the noises as well, but she doesn’t have to care about it any further. So she comes directly to you, puts her muzzle down on your leg and closes her eyes in a relaxed manner.

Physical space restrictions, I would not have thought at first either (so it is maybe because of the size of the dog that I misjudged it), she really accepts SUPER!
She immediately understands which mental space she should just not enter without your invitation.

So I’ve been able to set up some games wonderfully with Dia and Spottie one after the other…while each of them waited very patiently.

Dia is very low maintenance due to her self-sufficient nature. Besides her natural curiosity, she is quick to please with cuddling and sleeping.

Really a great lady who understands very quickly and is always calm herself.

When we found Dia, she was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia – genetic and exacerbated by poor nutrition. In December 2020 she was estimated to be 9 months old.

Thereupon we gave her extremely good special food and additionally a specially developed nutritional supplement to augment her condition.
This change in diet helped extremely quickly and had an incredible effect; Today, you can no longer notice any impairment in her movement, jumping and playing. However, she should never go for long walks too often or run long distances next to the bike.
Dia’s hips will be x-rayed again when she is definitely full grown.

Dia is a beautiful bitch with herding character, who loves her pack, her dog family very much, but nevertheless also very obviously loves to be in close contact with her human. So she has a little tendency to be jealous and is always looking for the opportunity to cuddle intensively with a reference person peacefully and quietly. She enjoys these moments extremely!
She has learned well to walk on the leash and is very playful with other dogs, also considerate in play. But she is never submissive.
Her food envy is obvious – but through clear education this is now already – even with many different caregivers – no problem: She waits until it is her turn, and always sticks to this ritual without question.

Dia is very eager to learn, she likes to understand everything and also to cooperate. You can correct her well, she does not insist stubbornly on her will.
Of course, she also wants to guard, and in this regard you should clearly not leave the decisions to her her, set her limits; you make life easier for her by always assigning her a clear, granted position in the hierarchy.
If you then positively reinforce her in what you would like her to do, she is an incredibly great, smart partner!

In the beginning. raising her will involve good observation and close cooperation every day. At her young age, of course, this also means a fresh, lively, mental competition of strength with her every day. As a reward, she will soon become a companion of reliability and solidarity, a companion who can be trusted without reservation.