Faith – to fall in love with

  • female, white with patches of brown
  • born 2020
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • not yet sterilised
  • positive to leishmania
  • about 22 kilos

Faith is a dog of about 3 years old who has spent her whole life as a stray in a mountain village. To survive as strays, the dogs develop different strategies. Some become hunters, others join a pack and some try to make contact with humans.
Faith must have had very bad experiences with other strays, developed a strong flight instinct and avoided other dogs.
She was obviously not a good hunter either, when we found her she was extremely underweight.
Faith was devoted to us from the first moment, but very fearful and reserved towards the other dogs. Only after a few days, when she realised that her new housemates were well-disposed towards her, did she open up and is now a fully integrated member of the pack.
Faith has developed into a little sunshine. She is a rather unassuming, smaller dog, but she makes her presence felt with her lovely character. It is always a pleasure to visit Faith because she is so happy and shows her affection quite openly.
Faith is a joy to love and whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will have hit the jackpot.

Faith is goddog of Marion Freyberg and Wilfried Höck