Flocke – self-confident and unobtrusive

  • female, black and white
  • born 16 October 2020
  • Greek Shepherd Dog Mix
  • vaccinated and internationally valid passport
  • Chip number: 9450 0000 2388 708
  • not yet sterilized
  • healthy
  • about 28 kilos
  • somewhat shy and cautious when she doesn’t know the surroundings, she guards attentively, loyal character and eager to learn

Flocke and her two sisters earned the nickname “The Amazons” in no time when they moved into our enclosure, not even four months old. Together they seemed unimpressed by the four big and adult dogs, who of course were very clear to the little newcomers about who was in charge here. As a team, Flocke, Zora and Kessi went through this challenge with flying colours, and in no time they were accepted into the pack, accepted and tolerated. Although Flocke always stayed in the background and never caused a stir, it was soon clear to us that she was the leader for her two sisters. She always had the overview, intervened briefly and succinctly when it seemed necessary, came to play and cuddle without fuss, was self-confident without appearing pushy or excessive.

All these characteristics describe Flocke today, and by now she is a good nine months old. What has changed is our view of the three sisters. At some point we started taking them out of the enclosure one by one to find out how they would behave without their sisters. While Zora handled this ‘test’ with aplomb, and Kessi felt pretty lost on her own at first, Flocke seemed rather unsettled, but still strong of character and unflappable. She obviously didn’t feel comfortable in strange surroundings, but instead of kicking up a fuss, she simply decided to stay outside and not follow her humans into the house. She clearly showed that she didn’t feel like jumping into the car, but by the third attempt she seemed to understand that there was no danger in doing so and she could get in without fussing. She simply lay down under the table in the ice cream parlour and stayed inconspicuous, but attentively observed everything that was going on around her.

Flocke’s mother was brought to us by animal welfare workers when the birth of the puppies was imminent. However, she was so emaciated that no one noticed the pregnancy. After a few weeks in our care, Flake’s mother gave birth to four puppies who were well cared for and loved from the start. That was in October 2020. In Flocke’s genes there is a herding dog, whose typical characteristics are obviously strong in her. She is on the look-out for her “flock” and wants to show the way, although the “flock” can of course be her human family. She is remarkably smart, learns quickly and is happy about any kind of attention. As Flocke will weigh around 30 kilograms when fully grown, and as the herding dog traits are very evident in her, she should definitely go to a home where you have dog experience. A dog with a strong character like Flocke could get in over her owners’ heads if they are not sure how to put a curb to her in. With experienced and unwavering owners, she is sure to excel and become a 100 percent loyal and reliable companion.

King’s day for Flocke with Rudolf and Michaela:
For us, Flocke is the most unobtrusive of the three Amazons and not so easy to recognize or to feel. She is very trusting, always looking to be close to us, seems restless when walking, fearful of new things and it takes a while until she trusts you. When getting into the car, I had to force her into the car twice against her will, she was noticeably afraid. The third time she jumped in on her own. While walking around the garden she sniffed a lot, she went into the house only once, after that she refused to enter again. The oven was not barked at. She barked only twice: when our neighbour came home with a car and when we met Chuck with Lucy. Restaurant visit no problem. She lay down under the table and behaved very calmly. Flocke needs a caregiver who can respond to her and pick her up. She sometimes feels like a sandwich kid, kind of falls off the monitor. Attention is good for her.