Fudge – and suddenly back on the street

  • female, beige-brown
  • born December 2018
  • mongrel
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • neutered
  • healthy
  • about 10 kilo

Fudge grew up in a perfect and loving home in Kardamyli, but her owner died suddenly. She was then passed on to someone who did not care for her and she disappeared for about two years. Now she reappeared in Kardamyli a few weeks ago and is living on the streets. An English woman living in Old Kardamyli took pity on the totally scared and neglected little animal and started feeding and caring for the dog.

In the meantime, Fudge has become totally fixated on this woman and follows her wherever she goes. Unfortunately, this woman cannot adopt Fudge for various reasons. Therefore, she urgently needs a calm and loving foster home, which also has to be extremely escape-proof, because Fudge is very inventive and successful when it comes to getting over fences and walls to return to “her” Englishwoman. Apart from that, she is very affectionate and certainly willing to join another two-legged friend, but it will take some time and patience.