Ivo – in a good mood and happy

  • male, black and white, long tail
  • born 15.03.2023
  • Greek shepherd mix
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • not yet neutered
  • healthy
  • around 22 kilo

Ivo, Laura and Vera: siblings who were abandoned together and who very quickly got rid of their shyness in front of their human carers. All three are very bright and have, for example, learned to walk on a leash in a flash. They orientate themselves to the pack leader Dia and react very well to her attempts to train them.

Unlike his sisters, Ivo has a very long tail. He is always in a good mood, a really happy and uncomplicated young dog. He likes to play, go for walks, snatch treats from his sisters, but can also be corrected effortlessly. Very inquisitive but still rather unobtrusive. Ivo could certainly go through life relatively independently and would be happy if he were given a task. When fully grown, he will weigh about 25 to 30 kilos.

Ivo is goddog of Anna Stein