• female
  • black and brown
  • born Oct. 2021
  • mixed Breed
  • vaccinated und internationally valid passport
  • sterilized
  • healthy
  • about 22 kilos

Troufa, Kalma, Layla and Loupo were abandoned as tiny puppies next to a busy road and left to their fate.
Passers-by put the puppies in a nearby garden, where they were tolerated for a few days. The less than enthusiastic garden owner informed us of the dogs and demanded their immediate removal.
We found the dogs in a terrible condition. They were full of parasites and so scared that they screamed at every touch as if they were in pain.
After an urgent visit to the vet, a lady agreed to take the dogs in. At first we were sceptical because so many animals already lived in her household, but this foster home turned out to be the ideal place for the frightened puppies.
The four were allowed to grow up with chickens, tame roosters, other dogs and cats, in addition to their loving foster mum. The shy, dirty puppies have grown into four gorgeous, self-confident dogs.

Layla is the observer. When her sisters rush forward to greet visitors, Layla waits and stays quietly in the background. Only when she considers the situation “safe” does she come out of hiding and show how happy she is to have guests.
Layla not only observes, she is also the calming influence in the pack.
The chickens and roosters come to her to snuggle up. The foster mother reports that the roosters often fight over who gets to sit by Layla’s side. Layla’s brother Loupo also appreciates her company. Loupo is much shyer than his dominant sisters, but he feels safe next to Layla.
She understands simple commands and gets well on with people and other animals, including dogs, cats and chickens.