Marley – playful and happy

  • male
  • white, crème
  • born March 2021
  • mixed breed, Labrador mix
  • vaccinated and internationally valid passport
  • sterilized
  • tested positive for leishmania on 18.1.2022
  • about 22 kilos
  • playful and happy dog

Marley is Dave Washbourne’s goddog from Dec. 2021 until Nov. 2022

Marley was abandoned on a rarely used road in the mountains after Christmas 2021. He caught the eye of a Greek greengrocer who informed us.

It was obvious that he was very scared but was actually looking for contact. Nevertheless, it took over a week before he took heart and let us touch him. After only three more days, he was taken into the car – and into the foster home.

Marley is a very dear and sweet, 22 kilo and medium sized boy of joy! He is probably born in March 2021, so still young and so ready for a new and better life!

We had him spayed two weeks after he got used to being here, which he came through fine and dandy. Unfortunately, after suspicion and a subsequent titer test, it turned out that he had leishmaniasis; fortunately only in the early stages and still without symptoms, but we immediately started therapy against the disease so that he can have a carefree and happy life ahead of him.

His memory of squatting alone in a ditch and just not knowing anything more than being left where he was thrown away is of course a trauma which we want to let fade away little by little.

Of course a home of his own would be helpful; with a sofa, maybe a funny playmate and of course a human being who is not afraid of leishmaniasis, but has experience and composure.

Here’s to a long life, little Marley!