Rudi – quiet and likes to be outdoors

  • male
  • black-white
  • born July 2020
  • English Setter
  • vaccinated and international papers
  • sterilized
  • tested positive for leishmania
  • about 20 kilos

Rudi is an approximately 2 year old English Setter, calm, gentle, balanced. He loves to be outside (terrace/garden) where he can always keep an eye and nose on his surroundings. He is grateful for all kind of attention, be it a daily walk, a cuddle in between, nose work (mantrailing) or obedience training. Sometimes, however, his stubborn head, typical for setter, gets in the way. He stays alone without any problems, he likes to ride in the car, sleeping in his box gives him security and the necessary relaxation. He has no problem with strangers, he approaches other dogs calmly, confidently and without any aggression.

Due to lack of opportunity, we cannot say anything about his approach to children. The only thing he does not get along with are cats – but we are working on it.