Shy – shy and peaceful

  • female
  • black and white
  • born April 2020
  • greek shepherd
  • vaccinated and internationally valid passport
  • sterilized
  • healthy
  • about 28 kilos

Shy grew up with her siblings in a mountain village. Her occasional contact with people in those two years or so seems to have left rather negative memories. We don’t know what she has experienced that makes it so difficult for her to trust people, but since she has been in our care, her attitude has changed, at least towards us. These days Shy comes running to the gate when we visit our dogs and she looks forward to the walk every day. Shy gets on well with other dogs and has formed a very close relationship with our Babis.

As her name suggests, our Shy is a rather shy dog who needs a lot of patience and love to gain her trust. This is certainly due to the fact that she spent her childhood and youth in her pack in a mountain village where these free-roaming dogs were not welcome and were regularly chased away.

In the meantime, Shy has been in our care for about eight months, has raised her six puppies in a garden and in contact with a caregiver, and has become much more approachable. She has learned to trust a group of people who care for our shelter dogs. She still retreats when we are back from a walk and she has been fed, but she is no longer afraid and makes a happy and content impression.

She gets along with other dogs without any problems, even though she prefers the adult four-legged housemates to the impetuous young dogs. Shy has a close doggy friendship with our equally calm and reserved Babis.

Shy ist Annette Wolter’s goddog from June 2022 until May 2023