Spottie – curious and temperamental

  • male
  • black, brown, white
  • born Jan. 2022
  • Greek Harehound mix
  • vaccinated and internationally valid passport
  • not yet sterilized
  • healthy
  • about 21 kilos

Spottie is a spirited, inquisitive young dog, his coat is beautifully marked – and his flashing eyes follow everything around him wide awake. He doesn’t like to miss a thing and is ready for any adventure in your company.
Spottie loves challenges – and he hates boredom.

This makes him a dog who likes to challenge you every day, who tests the limits and who recognises your weaknesses in a flash.
At the same time, this makes him a companion who will always love you and follow you wherever you go. Spottie doesn’t compromise: he loves unconditionally and risks everything as your friend; at the same time, he doesn’t like weakness and must be admonished to be considerate.
Spottie carries the crown prince in him, likes to be the boss. But like his siblings, he can also be brought back down to earth by calmness, consistency and pleasurable cuddling. Once focused on you, Spottie can be wonderfully guided, surprisingly better than some other dogs who are quieter than Spottie at first.

Spottie is a wonderful, sophisticated dog, eager to please you without having to force attention.
He wants to obey, perform, play and learn a lot. He wants to live out his great qualities – with you!