Tino’s transformation and happy ending

Tino’s transformation and happy ending

Tino was found on Valentine’s Day in February 2022 on the main road near Riglia.
He was in extremely bad condition, obviously starved for a long period of time and had severe skin problems caused by mites and parasite infestation.
The very next day, a vet examination revealed that he also had severe leishmaniasis.
In the following weeks, our and his fight for his life began; he was only allowed a special diet food, of which he could only eat very little 3 times a day. At the same time we had to start the exhausting therapy with Milteforan against the far advanced disease.
There were days when he seemed to give up and we had to support him mentally and also physically.
On other days we lost hope, but he built us up again with his gaze.
At times more than 10 volunteers were assigned to take care of him, because he had to be isolated from other dogs, but still needed to be visited several times a day.
What united us all spontaneously: the great love for this extraordinary dog.

Glenn, who was spending his holidays here in Neochori, fortunately volunteered already at the beginning of March when we were looking for an intensive foster home for Tino.
Glenn made his house and garden available, he fed him and took care of his wounds – but he did much more: He did not leave Tino alone for weeks, built him up, praised him and let him feel his great love for him.

From then on, we were allowed to take care of Tino in familiar surroundings even during Glenn’s absence there; again there were many people who visited Tino, took more and more walks with him and always enthusiastically exchanged information about every single progress.

It soon became clear to Glenn that his family would adopt Tino, and so yesterday Tino moved in with them in London!
His new four legged friend MIA, also formerly abandoned in the Mani, is thrilled to have his company and Tino began his new phase of life there with all naturalness, loyalty – and his typical composure!

To list all the volunteers who made this wonderful story possible would go beyond the scope of this article. There were so many! And every single one of them was important….

Glenn especially, of course.