Doloi Puppies

Doloi Puppies

The eight Doloi puppies are a happy, lively playful bunch and get on well with people and other animals, including my dogs, cats and chickens. They are also learning simple commands.

Lilly, the smallest is very affectionate and sweet and loves to be cuddled.

Rose, loves to play and is always looking for the next game.

Daisy, likes to be with me and spends a lot of time waiting for me to appear.

Gunter, likes to play, mostly with the other girls and is always the first to appear when I offer them treats.

Arnie is already reserved for adoption. He is a big gentle giant and when he looks at you he melts your heart.

Rudi has a big frown on his face, but he is always looking for mischief.

Joshi, the smallest boy, is a little bundle of love and enthusiasm.

Poppy is very lively, loving and is the first to find an adventure including getting in my cat door!