Your donation helps us to save and protect the animals in Mani and give them the future they deserve. We really appreciate your support!

Veterinary care, accessories and nutrition of our animals are our biggest expenses be-sides sterilisation. You can also support us with one of these tasks specifically.

Sterilisations of dogs are financed from the Agapi Fund, sterilisations of cats from the Marti’s Fund. Donations are also very welcome.

Select the purpose for your donation

With a click on the button “Donate money” you can donate via PayPal or credit card for the corresponding purpose. For a transfer via eBanking, please use the bank details below and mention the category in the purpose.

Accessories and pet food
Veterinary care
Veterinary care

Bank details

BeneficiaryMIAO Mani
IBANGR22 0110 7880 0000 7880 0835 692
BankNational Bank Greece