What do we look for

The animals we take in or care for all have something in common:
At least once in their lives they have been unwanted, unloved – and outcast.
We feel strongly, that it is our responsibility to avoid any bad experience happening to them again. Their recovery in body and soul is our program.

So it goes without saying that we immediately take care of the health of the animals as soon as they are with us. Good nutrition, vaccinations, sterilizations and treatment against parasites are obligatory. And fortunately we have competent vets here on site whom we can contact at any time, who can give us immediate diagnoses and the necessary medication if we need to act quickly.

At the same time, it is just as important for us to help the animals in our care regain their trust in people, and above all their self-confidence. Only in this way can they find the courage again to face life. We can help them a lot by giving them security and showing them our trust in them.

The amazing thing is that our protégés actually all regain a zest for life, which often seems like a miracle to us, knowing their mostly sad past histories. This development sometimes takes hours, sometimes days and weeks – rarely even years. But at one point we experience this moment when we look into sparkling, shining eyes and are able to recognize the true temperament of the dogs and cats. These moments of happiness are such precious gifts to us, they motivate us to continue and also comfort us a little when we think about the many bad fates of animals that we have not been able to help.

We only offer the animals for adoption when they have found peace, when we have got to know them quite well in different situations and when, to us, they seem strong enough to begina new phase in their lives.
After all, big changes in unknown environments await them with their new owners.

Every request to adopt an animal from us makes us very happy; nevertheless, we never rush this important decision. Human(s) and animal must fit together so that they can spend carefree and wonderful years together. Of course we feel responsible not to make mistakes already during the placement. Therefore we attach great importance to an honest contact from us to you and vice versa, because transparency facilitates a successful mediation immensely.

Even if the animals are already with you, we like to keep in touch with you and our (former) protégés. If there are any questions, we are always available and your experiences are also instructive for us and for future placements.
That we are also incredibly grateful about your stories in pictures and words, probably needs no mention… 😉
We love our animals, every single one remains unforgotten.