Greek Animal Welfare Law

Microchips & Pet Passports

All cats and dogs in Greece are required by law to be microchipped. Microchips are the only official way of determining the pet’s ownership.

Pet microchips, which are approximately the size of a grain of rice, allow for the identification of your pet for his/her safety as well as your peace of mind.

The injection, performed by your veterinarian, is painless and does not require anesthetic.

Your pet’s microchip ID code is unique. This ID code along with your information is registered in the Greek microchip database, managed by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Registration and keeping your contact information up to date is just as important as the initial microchipping.

If your pet is lost or taken and then found, animal welfare organizations like Miao or a veterinarian will be able to scan the animal for the microchip, read its unique code and search the database to identify ownership.

Under the European Union pet relocation system, all pets traveling or relocating between the Member States must be at least microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and have a pet passport. Please keep in mind, that some EU countries may have additional requirements and countries outside the EU may have their own guidelines governing the movement of pets.

To obtain a Pet Passport, please visit your vet, who can take care of all steps required and complete your pet’s passport:

  • Your pet must be microchipped and registered.
  • Your pet must have an up to date rabies vaccination.
  • Your pet might have to undergo tapeworm treatment depending where you might be going. Regardless, this treatment is recommended in all instances even if not required.
  • Your veterinarian will then be able to issue the passport confirming that conditions have been met.

For more information regarding traveling with your dog or cat, please visit:

Please note that MIAO’s pets ready for adoption are all microchipped, as required by law, and have a pet passport or international health certification.