Agapi Fund

The aim of MIAO’s Agapi Fund is to be able to neuter as many dogs as possible in our area. Thus, this donation pool is a centerpiece of our animal welfare work with dogs: We can try to prevent epidemics and the neverending abandonment and killing of unwanted dogs, which in most cases leads to unspeakable suffering on the streets, in rubbish bins and remote mountain areas.

The Agapi Fund relies on donations from animal lovers, our supporters around the world, but also from community members or dog owners here in the villages who recognise the need for birth control of their dogs.

Actually, we also approach dog owners directly. They are required to neuter their dogs under the new Greek Animal Welfare Law and are only allowed to have puppies if they are registered breeders.

We inform them about the possibility to neuter their dogs and encourage them to have the operations done with our practical and, if necessary, financial help.

All this would be unthinkable without the dedicated cooperation of the vets in our target area. We are very grateful for this! We work with all the local vets who operate gently and with the most modern medical care; for them this is a matter of course, expressing respect for the animals and obviously invaluable for the dogs’ wellbeing. Within a few hours they are feeling fine and on their legs again.

We would be very happy to receive your support for this project!

By clicking on the button you can donate via PayPal or credit card. For a bank transfer, please use the bank details below with the reference “Agapi Fund”.

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BeneficiaryMIAO Mani
IBANGR22 0110 7880 0000 7880 0835 692
BankNational Bank of Greece
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