How does an adoption proceed with us

If you are interested in one of the animals on this site, the first step would be to read this questionnaire calmly. We don’t provide it to collect data about you, but to help you consider very clearly if you really want to accept the responsibility for a new family member and if you are able to do this even in case of unexpected events.

Your second step is to fill in the questionnaire and send it to us. This is the first contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a phone call; because a conversation is often more informative and personal than an email, all the more a questionnaire. Very practical considerations will also be discussed during this call, and of course all your questions are always welcome, in fact we expect them!

If a possible adoption gets to be more concrete, we are always at your disposal with current pictures and reports of the animal and for all newly arising questions. We also reserve the right for a volunteer animal welfare officer to visit you in your home and discuss your living situation and the adjustment to the four-legged addition to the family.

The consideration to accept anyone for the adoption of an animal is based solely on whether, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the applicant and the animal are a good match. We always make this decision as a team.

The chronological order of applications is therefore completely irrelevant – our aim is to spare both you and the animal disappointments and difficulties when you finally get to know each other properly and start your life together.

If the adoption is decided, we will send you a mutually binding contract, which we will each sign.

So how then does the animal get to you from Greece? We have decades of experience and actually always find a solution. Our top priority is to make transport as stress-free as possible. This includes short-term direct flights with a flight sponsor or private car travel. Maybe you can even arrange to come yourself to get to know us and the animals on site and to pick up your four-legged friend yourself. Then we will be happy to organize your accommodation and help you with the travel arrangements – you are always welcome!