Who is currently available for adoption

Here we introduce you to the dogs and cats that we currently have available for adoption.
We keep these animals in our care long enough to ensure that they all have, without exception, received the required vaccinations and have an EU pet passport, for which a chip and its registration is also a prerequisite.
All our fosterlings have of course been regularly dewormed and treated against parasites and – if they are not too young – already sterilized by an excellent vet.
Since we usually have our animals in private foster homes (and not in a kennel), we can socialize them well and of course also get to know them. This is important for us because we want to be able to describe their very special aspects and character to you. Because not every dog and not every cat is the same. And for us it is very important, that they fit well into your families and living conditions, with their specific temperaments and their peculiarities!

The Thalames Puppies

The Thalames puppies were brought to our attention by the shepherd owner. Failure to sterilise their adult dogs had resulted in 3 litters of puppies – 15 in total – that they were unable to care for. Since then we have sterilised the adults and helped them care for all the pups with all the food, veterinary support and love they need. With these pups we are in the fortunate position of knowing their parents who are loving dogs with greet temperaments.

New with us in foster care and for adoption

Other animals in our care