Active collaboration with dogs or cats

Here in the Mani, we care for a dozen dogs or more permanently. That doesn’t seem like many, but we definitely want to avoid the numbers getting unmanageable. Placing our foundlings in permanent homes quickly is therefore one of our main concerns.

But while the dogs live with us, they are visited and cared for at least twice a day. In the morning, they all get their cuddles and of course their breakfast. Also, we also tidy up the enclosure and remove any droppings – evidence of regular digestion. In the afternoon the same happens again, but in addition we also take all our furnoses for a walk.

Everyone helps as much as they can. Food, shelter, walks, but also knitwear keep warm. 😉

Of course, we are always grateful when volunteers offer to hold the odd end of a leash for a walk, who enjoy helping to feed, or who might even want to tidy up the less than pleasant-smelling droppings….

It’s a similar story with the cats, but no one has to walk them. They get food and petting twice a day, and the team looking after the cats is always happy if someone helps and shares the load.

You love to hike? Our dogs do too!

A hike here in the Mani with a dog by your side is a real win-win adventure, because for our dogs it’s a great experience and a very special day, and you will have a happy, enthusiastic and loving companion!

A four-legged companion for one day? To walk lonely paths together? Feel free to contact us for an arrangement, we find the one that suits you!

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