Anyone can join MIAO as a member, wheth-er you live near us or abroad. If you can spare 20€ a year for our cause, you can simply fill out the form (link) and you are already a member. If you want to contribute more than this membership fee, you have several options.

If you are not here, you can still promote MIAO, collect donations, support in social media, possibly offer to be a flight sponsor, or even foster a dog.

If you are in our area, you can also help us to take care of our wards, maybe even foster an animal, or just try to ensure that the animals in your area have a life worth living.

    Pay via PayPal.

    Bank details

    BeneficiaryMIAO Mani
    IBANGR22 0110 7880 0000 7880 0835 692
    BankNational Bank Greece