Will you be my godparent?

Being the godparent of an animal is something special and a lot more emotional than supporting our animal welfare work in general.

We therefore offer you the possibility to pledge for sponsorship of one of the animals in our care; in this way you can have a relationship specifically with one o animal which you have chosen. You will always be kept up to date on how your protégé is doing, what preferences it has, what challenges your ‘child’ is experiencing, and how your money is being used in a very concrete way.

It is a virtual sponsorship, but a lot more than that: We will send you certificate, and of course we will send you pictures, videos and an update 4 times a year. In addition, we invite you to visit your protégé at any time here in Mani!

The cost of a sponsorship are 25 €/month or 250 €/year. The pledge is limited to 1 year and does not have to be terminated.
Of course, you are welcome to increase your amount or choose more than one animal to sponsor!

The world of an animal will definitely be brighter and more carefree with you as a sponsor!

Our sponsorship programme is a great opportunity for those of you who would like to help an animal in need, but are unable to do so for professional or personal reasons.

If you would like to be a sponsor or have further questions, please send us an email to info@miao-mani.com.

You can sponsor the following dogs

By clicking on “Sponsor a dog” you can transfer the donation via PayPal or credit card. For a bank transfer, please note the bank details and indicate in the reason for payment which dog you would like to sponsor.

Godparent for Casper
Godparent for Cara
Godparent for Zisi

Godparent for Peppa
Godparent for Aria
Pina is goddog of Viv and Tony D’Alton

Loupo is goddog of Walter Mitzschke
Mum is goddog
of Sabine Schorling

Troufa is goddog of Walter Mitzschke
Godparent for Keftes

Godparent for Cherry
Noel is goddog
of Traudl Petz, Marion Freyberg und Wilfried Höck

Boy is goddog of Les Neale
Jason is goddog of Karsten Stein und Sarah Marsh

Mirka is goddog of Amanda von Gagern-Duque
Godparent for Rosa

Rosa is goddog of Annette Wolter
Fig is goddog of Owen Hammett
Godparent for Thalia

Godparent for Teddy


BeneficiaryMIAO Mani
IBANGR22 0110 7880 0000 7880 0835 692
BankNational Bank of Greece
NoteGodparent for dog XY