Expert training


In Mantrailing the dog is following the scent of a human. Dogs are experiencing their surroundings with their olfactory sense and can keep a scent with all its components in their mind for a long time. They are able to differentiate between older and younger trails and to find out, from where the track is coming and to where it’s leading.

Dog and dog handler are working as a team. Before and after the trail or in dangerous situations the dog-handler is the leader, but on the trail the dog is the leading part. The dog is communicating via his body language and the dog handler has to learn to understand, to read his dog. This is hard work, but again and again it’s so fascinating to see the unbelievable abilities of a dog’s nose.

Trained dogs are used primarily to find people who are missing.

Some of the dogs we place, formerly abandoned, are already advanced in training, along with other dogs in our area who are incredibly excited about this training. Almost all are enthusiastic nerds and are searching excellent!

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