Flight sponsor

Most of our fosterlings find new homes abroad, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or England. Once we have found a family, a home, the next question is how we can get our dog there.

A flight is usually the preferred solution, because then the entire transfer takes place within one day. But an animal can only fly if a human passenger is willing to take it along, and if it then gets its own ticket, associated with the passenger.

In December 2019, Lasse, one of our favourite dogs in the enclosure,
found an adopter in Germany. Wonderful!
As this dog was very close to my heart, I decided to be a flight sponsor at short notice to bring Lasse to his new owners!

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For the passenger, this means very little hassle, as we take care of everything on the Greek side. We bring the dog to the airport and often offer transport to the airport for the flight sponsor as well. We do the check-in and take care of all the formalities. So the flight sponsor only has to pick up the dog in its travel box at the bulky luggage counter on arrival the des-tination airport and take it to the public part of the airport. There it will always be eagerly awaited by its new owners….

For me it was such a positive experience that after three months I accompanied three more dogs to Germany, which were eagerly awaited, and I can only recommend everyone to be a flight sponsor for a dog or cat.

Citation flight sponsor MN

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