Foster homes

Although, after just a few days, our foster-lings usually feel very comfortable in the pack that lives in the enclosure, it is always our goal to find a permanent home for each of them. And there are also dogs that are not easily integrated into the pack. The ‘too shy’, ‘too lively’, or ‘I’ll-build-an-escape-right-now-today-night!’ guys. So we are always on the lookout for foster homes that will prepare the dog for its life in the ‘final home’.

We are looking for foster homes primarily here, locally, in Greece, but also abroad. If you are confident to offer a dog a new home for a certain period of time, look no further! Of course, this can be a good fit right from the start – but it can also hap-pen that the dog needs time to get used to you and the new environment, the new rules. In that case, please be patient.

Unfortunately, our four-legged wards are not able to tell us everything that they have been through. If you have the courage to nevertheless take this step, we will be there for you in word and action. And, of course, we will also pay for the food and vet cost

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