Fig – curious and alert

  • female, white and red
  • born Feb 2023
  • mixed breed
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • not yet neutered
  • healthy
  • about 17 kilos

Fig, her sister Fili and her four siblings were very lucky to have a wonderful mum. The bitch – Sandy took good care of her puppies and protected them from all dangers. Unfortunately, Sandy is a stray dog who also considers people dangerous.
Despite many attempts, we did not succeed in catching the puppies for a long time. Again and again their mum took them to “safety” and we had no chance to get the puppies used to us.
The older the siblings got, the more difficult it became for the bitch to take care of so many puppies and one after the other “disappeared”.
In the end, only 2 of the 6 puppies were left, but slowly our staff managed to build up a trusting relationship with Sandy, so that we were able to take the two remaining girls into our care.
It was extremely difficult for Fig and her sister to get used to human attention. They were very reserved and fearful for a long time. They still don’t approach people with an open mind, but as soon as they trust someone, they trust blindly.
Fig and Fili are currently living in a foster home where they can catch up on everything they have missed so far. They live in a pack with some older dogs, they have contact with different people and the family also includes some cats.

FIG (Fig) was named because her spots on her back resemble a fig leaf.
She is the braver one and she shows her joy very clearly as soon as one of “her” humans approaches. She loves to be cuddled on her belly and purrs almost like a cat.
I have had many puppies in my care but none of them were as greedy as Fig and her sister. These dogs do not know food envy. They eat what you put in front of them and they do it with a calmness and composure that I have never observed, especially with strays.
Fig loves to go for walks, she behaves exemplary on the leash and she is absolutely uncomplicated in every pub. As long as “her” human is at the other end of the lead, she is happy to meet other people, dogs and cats.
But what I particularly appreciate is that Fig only barks very rarely. She doesn’t bark at people walking past the garden fence or at the neighbour’s cats that sometimes drop by. Fig announces when someone is at the gate, but stops barking as soon as she hears the appropriate command.
She is a perfect family dog, she accepts and trusts the pack leader and she adapts very quickly to the circumstances. However, she needs a strong pack leader who gives her the necessary security.

Fig is goddog of Owen Hammett