Keftes – affectionate and very playful

  • male, dark brown
  • born June 2020
  • Pointer mix
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • neutered
  • healthy
  • about 18 kilos

Keftes is an affectionate and sweet dog who is obviously used to human contact. He walks well on the lead, is house-trained, gets on with other dogs and cats. Keftes is relaxed in the car, lies calmly next to you in the restaurant and is not afraid in the city, but does relies on you at the end of the leash. He is still very playful with perhaps a passion for bird hunting?
We are looking for a loving and happy home for Keftes, preferably with cats and children if you happen to have any—simply because he obviously loves their company! But I suspect he will be just fine with only you as his companion as well 🤗
Keftes is truly a kind soul and whoever abandoned him definitely didn’t deserve him…but perhaps you do?