Teddy – willful and lovable

  • male, black and white
  • born April 2023
  • Greek shepherd mix
  • vaccinated, chipped and internationally valid passport
  • not yet neutered
  • recovering after accident
  • about 30 kilos

Teddy was found by volunteers bleeding and broken on the main road from Kalamata to Aeropoli at Koskarga Bridge area in June 2023.

It appears he had been hit by a car. Emergency vet examination revealed broken a cheek bone and upper jaw. He has since then been recovering in foster care and is healing very quickly.

His character is starting to develop now. He is feisty and grumbles when he does not get his own way – which just makes him even more loveable.
He is good with all other dogs. Very playful and comical. Cats – he believes they are toys and needs to learn a few boundaries but his foster mums three cats are teaching him very quickly.

Almost toilet trained apart from through the night when he pees on his toilet pad when he needs too. Just recently in the middle of the night he barks to be let out to pee and refuses to use this toilet pad!

He communicates both his pleasure and displeasure with his little bark (yap) but as he gets bigger he will do this less & less He loves to play rough with his foster mum’s dog & holds his own during games despite him being only 10 kgs and her weighing in at 27kgs!

Teddy is a lovely natured little pup with a strong and sometimes stubborn streak (in keeping with his breed).
He loves cuddles & tummy tickles. His favourite toy at the moment is a soft rabbit.

Teddy likes to have company so would be best suited with a family/person who is home a lot or can take him with them on daily outings.
He is very happy in the company of other dogs so even if his human(s) is/are away he will settle with another dog close by.